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Solutions Provider For Various Industry

  • Business & Finance Consulting Services Groups
  • Advertising & Printing Production Groups
  • News & Media Press Publishing Groups
  • Music & Media Productions Studios
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Academy Education Centre & College University
  • Transportation Services Groups
  • Vehicles Machinery Distribution Groups
  • Labels & Packaging Groups and More
Common Error
  • Experience Lagging and Slow Performing When Running On Multi-Tasking Program
  • Computer Drivers & Plug-In Device Not Well Functioning
  • Storage Drives Got Bad Sectors & Not Well Functioning
  • Operating System Drives Got Bad Sectors or Not Bootable
  • Stuck at Operating System Logo, White or Black Screen When Bootup Device
  • Device Cannot Power on or Not Bootable

Home & Business Software

  • Adobe Creative, Microsoft Office, Auto-Cad, Final Cut Pro
  • Contact Us For Pricing Quotation & Installation

Operating System, Data Storage & Network Management

  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Data Storage, Network Management Configuration & Troubleshooting
  • Microsoft Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone & iPad OS Re-Format & Installation

Device Performance Upgrade

  • Enhance Operating System & Data Storage Drives Read & Write Speed and Gain The Maximum Performance By Upgrading To Solid State Drive
  • Enhance Heavy Programs and Multitask at The Same Time By Upgrading To Larger Memory (RAM)

Display Screen Parts Replacement

  • Screen Cracked
  • Screen Dead Pixel
  • Screen Color Not Accurate
  • Screen Flickering
  • Screen Appear Zebra Lines

Battery Parts Replacement

  • Battery Swollen
  • Battery Cannot Charge
  • Battery Draining Quickly & Not Long Lasting After Fully Charge
  • Device Have To Keep Plugged In a Portable Power Bank or Charger Adapter with Electric Power Source

Others Hardware Problems

  • Device Can't Power On, Can't Boot or Auto Restarting
  • Device Auto Restarting
  • Device Being Water or Liquid Damages
  • Power Charging, USB, Networks, Display Ports & Keyboard, Speakers, Mic, Buttons, Cameras Not Well Functioning

Get ready for service

  • Try To Back Up Your Data Before Deliver Your Device For Repair, We Might Need To Re-Format The Device During The Repair Process and we Isn’t Responsible For Lost of Data
  • If You Need Data Backup and Data Recovery Services Kindly Enquiry with Our Support Team
  • Have Your Device Administration, Apple or Google or Microsoft Login User ID & Password Before Attend Service Appointment

How much will it cost ?

  • There's No Charge If The Service issue is Covered By Products Manufactory and Distribution Warranty, Device or AppleCare Protection Plan under Consumer Law
  • If The Service issue Isn’t Being Covered By Products Manufactory and Distribution Warranty, Device or AppleCare Protection Plan under Consumer Law, The Price Depends on The Type of Repair, Ask Service or Technical Support Representative For Quotation
  • There's Will Be a Consultation Service Charges For Transportation & Troubleshooting
  • We Might Need To Test Your Product To Determine The Final Service Charges

Service Appointment

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